Phoenite Precision has specialist custom built precision equipment, and most of all the skills to utilise this equipment for  straightening (without the use of heat) many different kinds of misaligned equipment.  Working to the tightest of tolerances (laser engraved rollers to <0.002″).  Items ranging up to 12 metres in length and 5,000kg can be accommodated in some situations.

However your component got bent, whether it be during machining, heat treatment, or by accident Phoenite is able help by straightening it.

Some examples of straightening successes are hydraulic piston rods/barrels, auger screws, profiled solid rams, tubular structures, crankshafts, bars, mixers, masticating shafts, oil field equipment and of course all forms of rollers.  We have also straightened propeller shafts for Super Yachts to tolerances tighter than grinding could achieve.

Some items bend during manufacture, others whilst in use.  However it happened, Phoenite Precision is equipped to straighten them for you.

With a maximum bending load of over 275,000kg our machine is capable of correcting bends in solid or tubular sections up to 16″ / 406mm diameter, however such large diameter object require there to be sufficient length to bend.


Whilst we take every precaution to avoid damaging your component, in some very rare cases, items which have been heat-treated or excessively work hardened can unexpectedly break with catastrophic results.  For obvious safety reasons we are keen to avoid this, however we cannot fully guarantee against it and as such Phoenite Precision Ltd. accepts no liability or responsibility for any breakages. For most of our customers this is a risk well worth taking.