Recently manufactured pair of Hydraulic Cylinders

These cylinders have dual ports in each end to allow them to replace handed cylinders on rigid pipes.  This allows the end user to only require one as a spare for two working cylinders.  Our customer supplied drawings specified by the end user to be a direct copy to existing cylinders but with the added benefit of dual ports at each end.

Ready for assembly and test
Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Heads ready to install.


A note to all our customers and suppliers, as of August 1st 2018 we will no longer be operating a fax machine, and the telephone number used for the fax machine (01706 379937) has been retired.

Please direct all future correspondence via email to

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Highspeed machining courtesy of Kyocera

Cutting an 18mm x 97mm x 75mm deep slot in En24T with a Kyocera MFH17-S16-2T RAPTOR, a  twin insert Highfeed 17mm indexable endmill…

0.7mm feed/tooth, 0.5mm depth of cut, 160m/min.

Zig-zag slot cut then wall finish to size @ z-0.4mm per pass.    It will go quicker with less overhang.

Machine: Dugard Eagle 1000 VMC